Voice enabling the World's devices

Fluent.ai’s unique speech-to-intent technology provides high-accuracy
speech recognition in every language.

Who are we?

Fluent.ai develops highly accurate and intuitive speech understanding solutions in a small footprint and low-latency package capable of running offline on small devices. Our solutions enable consumer electronic device manufacturers and OEMs to develop unique and differentiated voice user interface solutions for their devices.

Our unique and patented speech-to-intent approach enables speech recognition in any existing language and offers unmatched multilingual capabilities.

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Our Products

main Low-footprint single, multiple, or user-trainable
wake phrase system
Fluent.ai WakeWord is a lightweight and robust keyword spotting technology with unmatched accuracy and low footprint. Equip your device with any single wake phrase, multiple wake phrases, or enable your end-users to name their own devices with a user-trainable wake phrase.
main Offline, on-device, multilingual, highly accurate
speech understanding system
Fluent.ai’s cutting-edge speech recognition engine is the result of over nine years of research from leading experts in the field and has multiple families of issued patents. Fluent.ai Core understands the meaning of speech based on acoustic sounds alone, bypassing the need for speech-to-text transcription and all the limitations of speech-to-text. The result is faster, more accurate and more noise-robust speech recognition for any language, dialect and accent.
main Offline + online speech understanding for a
seamless experience
Fluent.ai Hybrid combines the offline security and leading multilingual accuracy of Fluent.ai Core with the flexibility of an online speech to text system. It can also connect to third party voice services and solutions. Provide best of both worlds functionality to your end users by offering speech interface solutions with essential features offline and expanded capabilities in the presence of an Internet connection.

Competitive Advantages

Any Language, Any Accent

Fluent.ai’s unique speech-to-intent technology provides high-accuracy speech recognition in every language.

Offline, Online, or Hybrid

Add voice user interfaces to disconnected and low-bandwidth devices with our offline speech recognition.


Allow users to effortlessly choose their own personalized wake phrases and commands.

Secure and Private

Offer secure, offline and on-device speech understanding.

Recognize Multiple Languages Concurrently

Multiple, concurrent languages can be integrated into a single model for seamless speech recognition across languages.

Highly Accurate and Noise Robust

Provide unrivaled accuracy out of the box, and continuously improve by adapting to users’ individual voice patterns.

Low-footprint and Embeddable

Develop systems with minimal power and storage requirements, and embed speech understanding capabilities on even the smallest of devices.

Improved Cost and Time to Market

Enter new markets faster and at lower cost with 100x reduced data and effort requirements to develop models in any language.

Enhance your devices with Fluent.ai's
offline, robust and multilingual voice AI engine